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You are safe with us

A brief introduction to RelTime’s securitymeasures

RelTime operates with HTTP Over SSL.

This encrypts data sent between you and our cloud. Read more about SSL here.

Multilevel authentication

We have different levels of authentication to ensure account security.
SMS Authentication sends out a key to your registered phonenumber. Without this key, the user is unable to login to your network.
Email domains can be restricted so that only members with valid email domains can register and log in.

Document Storage.

Your documents are stored safely with us. We actively encrypt filenames, types and more to ensure your documents are safe and secure.

Servers & Backend

RelTime consists of a wide array of servers located at a cutting-edge facility. We go to great lengths to ensure your data are safely stored here.
Via our backend, we can also monitor and help out in any case that an admin or user may encounter.